Dr. Calvin Knowlton


About Dr. Calvin Knowlton

Dr. Calvin Knowlton of Amelia Island, FL, is passionate about using the pharmaceutical industry to improve lives across the United States. He is a well-educated medical executive with degrees from Temple University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the University of Maryland at Baltimore. Throughout his thriving career, Dr. Calvin has worked as an educator as well as an entrepreneur. He has founded at least ten successful companies in the pharmaceutical industry that have proven to help facilities achieve better patient outcomes through technology, education, and consulting services.

In his years of professional experience, Dr. Calvin Knowlton has developed a passion for helping mitigate Adverse Drug Events, one of the leading causes of premature death in recent years. This can happen for many reasons, including unanticipated drug interactions. It is simply impossible to test every single drug combination that could occur, so pharmacists do not always have sufficient data to support their decision-making. Using new technologies and resources, Dr. Calvin is working to help pharmacists harness the power of pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenomics, and other similar research areas to help tailor treatment plans to each patient’s unique qualities and needs.

Professionally, Dr. Calvin Knowlton works hard to build positive and sustainable cultures in every business he founds. He is passionate about fostering high-performance employee and client-focused environments in his organizations. This ensures that employees are able to stay motivated and invested in their work while providing the best possible service to valued consumers. With multiple companies that have grown to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Dr. Calvin’s methods are clearly successful.

Dr. Calvin Knowlton’s work has been recognized in several capacities. He was awarded the Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the greater Philadelphia region in 2003 and 2013. He was named the Philadelphia Technology CEO of the Year in 2016 and earned the Remington Honor Medal in 2015. Additionally, Dr. Calvin always embraces opportunities to share his knowledge and experience with other professionals. He authored a chapter in Financial Management for Health-System Pharmacists, a helpful guidebook for industry professionals. He has also served as the National President of the American College of Apothecaries, the American Pharmacists Association, and the American Pharmacists Association Foundation, in addition to being a board member for numerous other organizations over the years.

To learn more about Dr. Calvin Knowlton’s impressive pharmaceutical career and his successful business ventures, visit DrCalvinKnowlton.com or DrCalvinKnowlton.net.